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Post by Kira Ichijouji on Sat Jun 13, 2009 6:23 pm

Mission Ranks:


Missions are not always available so please don't ask every single day. One you finished the mission, return to the Mizukage's office and write a full report, summarizing how your mission went. It doesn't have to be like 5 pages, but maybe 3~4 good paragraphs that explain everything that went on. Write as much as you want, just do your best. Some missions may be NPC, which means you must act out the other roles (if there are any) in your post. I will try and not give too many NPC missions because I know it is hard to act out others as well. Do not ask for a mission that is higher than your rank, because it will be denied; stick to your rank


Mission Ranks E~C- = These missions are basic chores for genin rank shinobi. They are generally easy and only the most skilled genin will even be considered for a D+ or C- rank mission. C- rank mission consist of short journey excorts and minor reconassaince.

Mission Ranks C~B = Chuunin and special jounin (hand picked chuunin by the mizukage have proven themselves advanced, who have not yet taken then jounin exams, but are worthy of a "heavier" rank) will carry out the missions. All missions in the C category are usually small reconassaince, medium-risk escorts, and the retrieval of lost or compromsied shinobi. B- missions and up may include low-risk assasinations, retrieving rogue chuunins, guarding barriers of the village during wartime, and spying.

Mission Ranks B+~A+ = These missions are for only jounin level shinobi, ANBU, and higher. B+ missions and up are usually medium-high risk assasinations, attacking of a village, encountering a large group of rogue shinobi, high-risk escorts, high-risk military spying, and on very rare occasions evacuating the entire village because of crisis.

Mission Ranks A++~SS+ = These missions are ONLY for the Mizukage himself and if need be, his three hand-picked most trusted jounin/ANBU. These missions could include taking down a rogue kage, attacking an entire rogue village, extremely high risk escorts, or dealing with a tailed beast.


Rank E
Assigned Shinobi: (names here)

Mission Rank: E

Mission Description: The clerk at ourr local bookstore has a long shift today so his pets need to be attended to.

Objective: Walk and feed the dogs. Let the cat out into the backyard for exercise and feed his goldfish.

Reward: 150RYU for each participant

Rank D
Assigned Shinobi: (names here)

Mission Rank: D

Mission Description: A villager's dog, along with all their money and jewelry, was stolen by someone last night. The suspect is a new genin; please retrieve all the taken items and retain the genin. Force may be used but keep everything in tact and DO NOT kill the genin.

Objective: Retrieve the stolen items and retain the criminal.

Reward: 450RYU

Rank C
Assigned Shinobi: (names here)

Mission Rank: C

Mission Description: The leader of the Sand Village's ANBU Ops. came into the village today and acted rather suspiciously. His overall appearance was odd and his aura was distrusting so this is a reconassaince mission in order to attain any information about the Hidden Sand's future intentions. Not too much information is expected, just a general idea of what they intend to do.

Objective: To recover any information about the Sand Village's intentions/future plans.

Reward: 1200RYU

Rank B
Assigned Shinobi: (names here)

Mission Rank: B

Mission Description: The Village Hidden in the sound has been rumored to be kidnapping shinobi/citizens and experimenting on them for unknown purposes. All we know is that whoever us going in, isn't coming out. This needs to be stopped at all costs, innocent lives may be lost.

Objective: Sneak into the facility, gain information on what is happening, and then take it down. Rescue the prisoners and destroy any attempts of resistance. You are authorized to kill if you must. Whence done, burn the entire site down.

Reward: 2800RYU for each participant

Rank A
Assigned Shinobi: (names here)

Mission Rank: A

Mission Description: Some rogue jounin have attacked the village on a full-on assault. Have 2 shinobi help evacuate the village and the rest must confront the assailants.

Objective: Interrogate the assailants and try to figure out why they are here; warn them to stop and take them to the jail. If they do not cooperate, kill them.

Reward: 10000RYU

Ranks S and SS
Assigned Shinobi: (names here)

Mission Rank: SS

Mission Description: The kage of the hidden Sand village has gone insane and is destroying everything in sight; he even ordered his entire military force to kill everyone they saw. The mizukage will deal with the insane Kazekage and the three jounin must stop the sand shinobi and calm down the citizens.

Objective: The jounin will stop/retain the sand shinobi and regroup the citizens of the village. The mizukage will kill the kazekage in order to end this mad rampage.

Reward: 20000RYU
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