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Ace Hyatu

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Ace Hyatu

Post by Ace Hyatu on Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:25 am

Character Name: Must be the one in your profile so choose wisely Ace Hyatu

Desired Bloodline: Hyatu

Desired Starting Element:Lightning

Desired Village: Mist

Age: 16

Desired Rank: Yes we let you pick your rank but dont go choosing jounin...rank doesnt mean crap here. A genin can pwn a jounin if the genin can rp better. BUT yes theres a BUT if you want to be anything above genin rank you must submit an rp sample worthy of the rank you are applying for. This means Chuunin requires a decent rp sample and a Jounin needs an extremely good rp sample. I will judge grammar, spelling, descriptions and punctuation. Chuninn

Appearance: a description or a picture will suffice.

Character Personality: Be detailed please this is more important than the background info
He is Kind to Others And hAS A HIGH TEMPER meaning he gets pissed eaisly he respects others of a higher Atority of him.

Background Info: Post as much info as you want but dont make it horribly vague.Ace Born At the age of 5 his parents where Dead Rouge Ninja Hunted them Down Of One Of the most Succesfull of the hyuuga branch but Ace Survived the Attack the rouge Ninja Raided there village and Fericefull Knocked down all who upposed them When the Invation was over ace was left alone to defend for himself Thus Ace Weilered out into the foreset in Need for Food Water And Shelter turned to the weilderness he survived In The Wild he grew up in the wild But at the age of 11 Ace Begin to venture out of the weilderness into a Village that he stubbled upond the Mist vILLAGE There he Was Trained Under a Highly Respected Jonnin of the village and Passed the chunnins without a Problem but yet ace wasnt finished Now He Was 16 and kept training harder than ever.

Rp sample: If you are applying for a rank above genin rank


Ace Intensively listens to him he then Cuts his Hand with the Edge of his katana and he is just Amayzed by the size of the dome and all of the effects he quickly begain to plot about this Mathe tter and Then he preformed the Nessosary Handsigns He Fericely Slams his hand to the ground Causing a Huge Trmble by the earths Plates it felt as if ace was shifting the plates in the Direction he wanted them to go.The Vines Qucickly Trembled Out of his hands and Made a Very Large Dome As Big as his sensais Ace Looks up and down At it in Amazyingment he Gubbles down a few Notes in his handbook and Puts it away as he moves toward the Wall and Begains to Fell the Chakura Circits He then releses the chakura in a Exsplosive Force and His Hand Slams into the Dome In A Exsplotion Like Manner Covering a Large Tree in a Sticky Like Web.I Cross my arms In Sucess in this new Jutsu"Well that was a Nice Jutsu"Humm...Ha well this Jutsu will be a Pretty good traping jutsu it Might come inhandy

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Ace Hyatu
Ace Hyatu

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Re: Ace Hyatu

Post by Seraph on Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:28 pm

fix spelling and grammar for now denied

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