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Konoha's Cemetery

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Konoha's Cemetery

Post by Takimoto-kun on Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:49 am

Konohagakure's cemetery is located in the far east part of town, away from the populated streets of Leaf. A strong odor of death and despair fill the graveyard's surroundings, a few homeless people scattered along the walls and ruined tombs of the sad place. A couple of dead oak trees represent the fauna of the cemetery, an owl bringing its head up every night, its yellow eyes serving as a point of direction to those that seek the exit if they ever got lost in that maze of lost souls and empty minds.

To accompany the owl, a small group of bats fly over the area to hunt, scanning the surroundings for rats and other little animals and bugs. Inside most of the tombs, spiders find their homes and create large webs where they capture their daily lunch and dinner: flies. The undertaker lives in the house at the end of the cemetery, his rotten wood lodge beautifying (i'm being sarcastic) the scenery even more. The lodge has only one cracked window and a severely beaten and rotten door. Who wonders how the house is like on the inside?

The graveyard's entrance gate is rusty and can barely stand. The steel bars with sharp edges "try" to prevent tombraiders from storming the godforsaken place, however, grave's dessecration and corpse stealing has increased, not only in Konoha, but also in other villages, Shinobi towns or not. However, apart from these attrotious crimes, the funerals are hosted normally here.


-> This topic is for the characters of Konoha to have a funeral once they die. It becomes spam when you click a village's forum and there's only "______ (insert name here) will".

At least here, that user can post his death and will, and his RP Wise closed ones shall post their grief and so on =D

Hope you like the idea, people!

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