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Gabriel Teyku Registration

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Gabriel Teyku Registration

Post by Gabriel Teyku on Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:20 am

Character Name: Gabriel Teyku

Desired Bloodline: Teyku (in registration)

Desired Starting Element: Water

Desired Village: Grass or Sound

Age: 17

Desired: I wish to either be Chunnin or Jonnin depending on my rp sample

Appearance: My avatar would be like mine

Character Personality: Gabriels personality depends on how he feels... his appearence may seem suttle at times but will shift quickly his insane stature is unconfurtable by some he plays a lead upon the joker... from his history (Background info).

Background Info: Gabriel is a 17 year old Teenager... Reciving his name after the Arch angel Gabriel some try to belive in... Gabriel had a slightly violent child hood... his father was stuck as a Chunnin rank ninja not going anywere he would relive his anger on the young boy. Gabriel was scarred at the age 10 by his father.. after one day the Kage of his villlage caught him stealing.. he came home looking at his child he just wanted to see Gabriel smile once agian... gliding his kunai cutting scar from his lips... making a Smile like figure that has stayed with Gabriel. Gabriel grew up a distant child after he was 10 he excelled in the art of fighting... he Train on pointless hours during the day... at the age 15 Gabriel grew to a man like figure... he was well fit.. agian his father tryed to hurt him, Gabriel unfaithfully killed his father... leaving the village not much has been herd from Gabriel agian.

Rp sample: (Im going to play off as if my Clan was acepted and i was on a Jonnin lvl the surroundings are a deserted town covered by forest)

This is the talking arrangment

Opponet Jaku
Me Gabriel

Standing in the center of the deserted town, Gabriels eyes glance from the left to the right hoping to spot his opponet. Gabriels shirt was removed as his muscles relesed a slight grow due to sweat, his third eye showing from the fight.
Inside the third eye was 5 comma light figures there a silver type collor relesing a slight glow also. Gabriels body was standing still as his feet were spread apart for quick movments.

Coming from the left Jakus hand went up relesing a kunai from the left, jumping into the air he drew 2 more kunai throwing them down. Once the kunais were relesed he came down his foot tapping onto the ground, he rushed forward launching off his right foot as he did he drew a long type of kunai that is 7 inches long, rushing he threw his arm forward slashing at Gabriels chest

Poison relesing from the third eye the 5 commas like figures, from Gabriels right palm relesed a long thin metal bladeforming from the cells grouping together it made a 3 foot long bladewith a smoth type hilt. Stepping forward gabriel went passed the first kunai from the left, pelting into the ground his motion still went forward. Now slamming his right foot into the ground Gabriel darted to the left,the next kunai hitting the ground next to him. His right hand went up in a sideways type angle, kunai glided over it going to the right perching just over Gabriels chest. Now his opponet rushing forward Gabriel wathed him as he was close, Gabriels torso leaned back as the blade glided over his chest causing a thin cut. After bending back Gabriels right arm dashed forward stabbing the opponet in his upper shoulder. Gabriel span to the right gliding around his opponet his wrist now bent differntly, Gabriels other hand gathered up as from his fingure tips grew thin blades of metal from each fingure, growing 4 inches long he thrusted his hand around gliding his hand twords his opponets solar plex. Gabriels eyes watched closly to his opponets reactions to try and figure out a counter.
Gabriel Teyku

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Re: Gabriel Teyku Registration

Post by Takimoto-kun on Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:31 am

There are grammar and punctuation mistakes, although I understand what you mean.

Make sure to revise posts before posting later on xD

Plus, this will be on hold. Since you are applying for an unregistered BL, you need to have it first approved when you register it.

I believe 'tis almost okay for Jounin, but you could add more to the RP Sample, just to make sure on the Jounin rank. Furthermore, Grass is not here o.o' so I'm guessing you are going to Otogakure (Sound)

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Re: Gabriel Teyku Registration

Post by Seraph on Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:28 pm

Approved at chuunin your bloodline was never submitted though so youre going clanless for now till you tell me what Bloodline or clan youd like to be in


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Re: Gabriel Teyku Registration

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